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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of general questions that we are usually asked. If you want to ask any more, CLICK HERE.


What event's can you cover?

Although we specialise in Weddings & Civil Partnerships - Parties, Corporate events, anniversaries etc can also be catered for.


What does you music collection contain?

With a large catalogue of music for all tastes, from the 1950s - up to the minute tracks, which are updated weekly, we're sure to have the music for your event. Our genres include Country, Pop, Rock 'n' Roll, Jive, Rock, Ska, R & B, Scottish, Irish, Dance, Trance, Christmas, Disco, Swing, Party Songs, Love Songs & Much more.


What policies and insurance do you have?

For the safety and peace of mind of our customer's and their guests, the company is insured for public liabilty, and have a set of term's and conditions, (these can be provided on request) which provide satisfaction for both parties. Our equipment is tested to the required safety standards and we perform a safety check and risk asessment after the equipment is set up.


How should I get in contact?

To discuss your requirements further you can telephone or email us. From there we will have a basic understanding of what you require. Then, a meeting can be provided at a time which is convenient for you to dicuss your event further, to ensure we make it as magical as possible. Via a thorough enquiry from, we aim to get all your requirements accurate, such as your song request's, time of buffet, name's of those attending etc. The contact details are at the bottom of this page.


How do your entertainers present themselves?

Our Entertainers pride themselves on punctuality, suitable attire, professional image, music tastes for all and above all, the health, safety & enjoyment of their client/s and their guests.


What are your fees?

Every event is different and will be priced accordingly. This is because some event's need more planning than others, the time of the year (e.g. NYE) and other factors need to be taken into consideration before a fee is obtained


Are your prices competitive?

We offer very competitve prices for a professional service. We don't skimp on your entertaiment, the event will be remembered for the enterainment, and especially if it's a wedding, you want the evening to be as magical as the day.


Do your require a deposit and why?

We do ask for a deposit of the event's fee to secure our disco to the event. This is to ensure peace of mind for both parties.  Many Dj's that don't take a deposit may be unreliable and not turn up for your event, whereas when we recieve the deposit both parties sign a legally binding contract to secure the event. We can now take payments with a credit card via paypal.


Do you keep the music at moderate levels?

The volume of the music is kept at an enjoyable level. The speakers that we use are of a high quality so the music can be enjoyed at moderate levels. We realise that people want to talk as well as dance, especially at the start of the evening.


Do you use strobe lighting or smoke machines?

No, we don't use either appliances due to current laws and health risks.


Can we see you perform before booking?

We are asked this quite often and can understand why. The simple answer is no. As you'll appreciate, most of our functions are private occasions and it's not professional nor welcome on our part to invite others. However, if we're performing at a public event, your're more than welcome to come along. You can ask us if we have any coming up when you enquire. Bear in mind that every event is different and we play the client's requests,your event contains your priorities(music, games etc). We can assure you that we are purely professional and experienced and if there's a valid reason why you're not happywith our performance, we're willing to offer a discount/compensation.


Any other info?

We can fulfil any reasonable requirements if we know in advance, please state these on the booking form.

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